PMAPS Merit Award


The PMAPS Merit Award is intended to recognize and honour individuals for their work in the development of probabilistic methods applied to power systems.


  • 1. Previous Recipients

  • 2. Selection Committee

  • Name Edition Place
    R. N. Allan PMAPS2000 Madeira, Portugal
    R. Billinton PMAPS2002 Naples, Italy
    J. Endrenyi PMAPS2004 Ames, USA
    C. Singh PMAPS2008 Rincon, Puerto Rico USA
    A. Leite da Silva PMAPS2010 Singapore
    W. Li PMAPS2012 Istanbul
    M. Fotuhi- Firuzabad PMAPS2016 Beijin, China
    G. Carpinelli PMAPS2018 Boise, USA
    J. Mitra PMAPS2020 Liege, Belgium
    No. A PMAPS2022 Manchester, Uk
    Chairman - Chair of the PMAPS Board
    Members - The three permanent members of the Board
      - The three previous award winners


    The Selection Committee for the 2016 PMAPS Merit Award is:

    Name Last Name University
    Roy Billinton (Chair) University of Saskatchewan
    Lalit Goel Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
    Alfredo Testa Second University of Naples
    Armando Martins Leite da Silva University of Manchester
    Wenyuan Li University of Southern California
    George Anders University of Toronto
  • 3. Nominating Committee

    The International Technical Advisory Committee (ITAC) for each PMAPS Conference serves as the Nominating Committee for the Merit Award to be given out at that Conference. Any member of ITAC, other than members of the Selection Committee, can submit a nomination. A nomination can be up to five pages in length and should include biographical information on the candidate and why the candidate should receive the award. Nominations should be forwarded to the Chair of the Selection Committee. The deadline date for nominations for the 2018 PMAPS Merit Award is .......... .

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